Barbara, Ma plus belle histoire d'amour

pour chant et orchestre




Durée : 70 minutes


"BARBARA, Ma plus belle histoire d'amour" is a symphonic hommage to the great French singer Barbara. She had quite a life story and we really wanted it to be told as intensely as she lived it. This is why I created a unique concept of an intricate storytelling of the artist's life through a repertoire of her best songs weaved with excerpts from her autobiography, sung and read by Lebanese singer Yasmina Farah Massoud. The novelty resides in the uninterrupted 70 minute flow of the music/performance especially arranged by French composer and pianist Nicolas Chevereau, in an unprecedented symphonic yet intimate orchestration.

Harout Fazlian


BARBARA, Ma plus belle histoire d'amour

Conceptualized and Conducted by: Maestro Harout Fazlian

Interpreted by: Yasmina Farah Massoud

Arranged & Orchestrated by: Nicolas Chevereau

Animation by: Amandine Brenas and Abbad Ezzedine

Produced and curated by: Joëlle Hajjar

Video Editing by: Mink Agency / Yara Lahoud

The Beirut Symphonic Orchestra



Complete Songs and Order


Ouverture (Instrumental - L'oeillet blanc)



- TEXT to Nantes

1. Nantes – Fa Mineur

2. La solitude – La bémol Majeur


- TEXT to Mon Enfance

3. Mon enfance – Mi Majeur

4. Petite Cantate – Si bémol Majeur

5. Parce que je t’aime – Do # mineur


- TEXT to “L’Aigle Noir”

6. L’Aigle Noir – Fa Majeur

7. Gottingen – La mineur

8. Drouot – Fa mineur


- TEXT to “Dis quand reviendras-tu”

9. Dis quand reviendras-tu – La bémol Majeur 

10. Du bout des lèvres – Fa Majeur

11. Vienne – La bémol Majeur


- TEXT to “Ma plus belle histoire d’amour”

12. Ma plus belle histoire d’amour – La bémol Majeur



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